„The work is of man and the blessing is from God ”


Kadarka, 2006
The One and Only
An extremely rare specimen of a most noble drink.
Deep ruby coloured, sparkling.
Light fragrance with dancing colours. Coffee, vanilla and ripe fruit combine with the scent of the ancient region of Szekszárd's rich soil.
The taste recalls the glory of the past, its fullness; its spice is reminiscent of wonderful times and memories.
You have to understand this wine, give it an opportunity to touch you.
It is a great accompaniment to catfish stew.

Cabernet, 2004
The slow swirl of this full bodied dark wine in the glass is an aesthetic experience in itself.
The scent first reveals chocolate, vanilla and wood.
The first taste of this rich full bodied wine demands the utmost attention.  A cavalcade of chocolate, vanilla, coffee and forest berries.    . 
Eat it with game, fresh from the hunt!

Kékfrankos, 2006
Gently violet in colour.
The intensive red wine and ripe wild fruit fragrance mingle in the bottle bouquet.
Characterised by an assertive acid spine, rich cherry flavours and refined tannins.
A wine for stewed meat.

Cuvee, 2005
A blessed marriage of Blue Frank, Cabernet and Merlot.
A deep dark ruby colour.
Feel the gentle touch of a fragrant red wine, bottle matured.  The slightly tart sweetness and beauty of forest fruit characterises the taste of this elegantly tannin wrapped wine. 
A good friend of stuffed cabbage and other Hungarian delicacies.  

Siller, 2008
The subtle rose of a hidden blush.
A fruity, fresh strawberry fragrance.
Fresh acids, a wine to drink over light gossip and heated card games.
For gently spiced Hungarian cuisine.




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